The question has recently been raised – since when has our company been operating ?!

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We have been operating under the STIGER TEAM name since 2016, but our history began much earlier – in the times when passion dominated everything, including the difficult reality surrounding us at that time! The very concept of unification of industrial alpinism techniques, such as IRATA or OTDL, was then a melody of the future, and the purchase of equipment dedicated for our work was almost a miracle. The harnesses sewn from the fire hose were equiped by belay devices, ascenders and other wonders, seen in the catalogs, on the pictures, shown by colleagues from “the West”, manufactured in the garage.
Over the years, the reality surrounding us has changed, but the passion remained. A new generation has emerged, just as stubborn and defiant…with the same passion! We took over the baton and begun to write our chapter in this story …

The photos we present to you are a collection of our older colleague #StanisławOstrouch.