Selected previous projects

STEIGER TEAM is a company specializing in works at heights – both with using mobile platforms (cherry pickers, scissor lifts) as well as construction and rope access. Many years of experience in this type of practice is confirmed by the certificates / licenses gathered by our employees – IRATA and SPRAT (in rope access), UDT 1P (use of mobile platforms).

The basis of our offer are: optic fiber networks (assembly, welding, measurements), LAN networks (assembly, measurements), low- and medium-current installations, audio-visual systems and protection systems.

In recent years, thanks to participation in many interesting projects, the scope of our services has been expanded to include: assembly / disassembly of steel structures and technological lines, assembly of glass facades and aluminum structures.

However, this is not the end of our offer, which also includes cleaning and expertise of all kinds of surfaces – from glass and aluminum facades of buildings, through constructions, to interiors of industrial boilers. It is not without significance for us to cooperate with one of the leading manufacturers of chemistry, including cleaning agents, in the world – ILKA.

We approach all our clients individually in order to best adapt our offer to specific needs. If you are interested in cooperation – please contact us, also in the event that any cooperation would go beyond the scope of our standard offer!

Our selected previous projects: